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For an in-depth tour, full of all that makes Key West a magical destination, get your seat on the Conch Tour Train. Online reservations are non-refundable unless canceled by the tour operator. Tour departs rain or shine. Key West Things to do City Tours. Check Availability.

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Comprehensive train tour through Old Town Key West Hop on and off the train throughout the day Learn interesting facts and get an up-close view of Victorian homes Tour is themed after Henry Flagler's "Railway over the sea". One or two-day access to the Conch train with hop on and off privileges for the whole day Full-color map and discount coupons for attractions, restaurants and shopping. Not handicap accessible. Assistance animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are the only animals that are allowed on board the trolleys.

The train does not operate the last weekend in October. The train visits each stop every 30 minutes, if the train if full, guests may have to wait for the next train.

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Maximum capacity on the train is You have "On and Off" privileges at all conveniently located stops. US Highway 1 was their only way in and out of the Keys.

Key West Attractions Coupons

Their 'staged secession' made a very effective, albeit humorous point. All sorts of fun, and wacky parties and events are planned, from battle re-enactments to the world's longest parade. This Key West event kicks off April 20st and runs for 10 days of wild, crazy fun. It also happens to be one of the 10 most haunted places in the United States.

Ghoulish stories abound with tales of dread and sorrow. Be careful where you sleep at night. Your room may be one of the many places frequented by the spirits from beyond. The haunted activities at night however, often pale in comparison to the daytime activities. For a place possessing a casual, island charm - it's the boisterous, carnival-like bravado of the city that draws the crowds. This is a party town, and pretty much anything goes. The Fantasy Fest celebration was originally designed to be an event catering to it's strong gay and lesbian culture, but has evolved to include people of all orientations.

It's almost unheard of to plan on attending this adult festival without at least 1 or 2 provocative Fantasy Fest costumes to wear. You'll want to make sure you have at least several costumes so you can attend the various parties, such as the very popular Sloppy Joe's Toga Party.

Key West Tours: Conch Tour Train vs. Old Town Trolley

Not only does wearing costumes make it possible for you to attend a party, it also makes you feel like you're part of the crowd, instead of just a bystander. This is your chance to look and feel sexy, so don't miss out on getting your costumes for Fantasy Fest today! You'll also want to know what's planned for this years wild party!

The many events of the festival, including the much anticipated Fantasy Fest parade, exemplify the city's flamboyant free spirit, and its tolerance for all. It's the Fantasy Fest Masquerade Balls however, that allow the party goers to really show off their talent and wares. This City is a blend of old world charm meshing perfectly with new world wacky. It's wild. It's fun. It's breathtakingly beautiful. This anticipated event is held the third weekend of September and draws bikers from all over the world. They converge on this tiny town for 3 days of partying, and a variety of biker themed events.

The winner riding off with either a new Harley-Davidson or a tidy prize cash. We've found our Key West vacations to be some of our most favorite. We're also continually amazed at how busy, even downright hectic Old Town can be.

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  4. Unless you visit in the summer months, which are quieter - you can expect lots of people, lots of noise, lots of activity, and absolutely no parking. Walking anywhere, especially the older Historic District of Old Town, makes the most sense. Parking can be a nightmare. In fact you can spend more time trying to find a parking spot then if you'd just walked there in the first place. You'll also save yourself a brain embolism, as it can be terribly frustrating trying to find a place, just any place - to park. The architecture of the many old and gracious homes is magnificent.

    Whether the home is large, or small, their stature appears more stately, set against the backdrop of the city's tropical vegetation. Bougainvillea branches, laden with vibrant splashes of red, bronze and pink, splash and spill over brick walls. Palm and banana trees, giant birds of paradise, and tall philodendrons grace courtyards, allowing the occasional inside glimpse to a passerby.

    The ocean air is heavy with the abundant perfume of the many exotic plants.

    Aquarium/Harry S. Truman Little White House Package

    Strolling the often narrow streets of Old Town can transport you back in time. On Front Street, at the northwest end of the island, not far from Mallory Square , you'll pass the beautiful grounds of the Little White House , the occasional winter home of President Truman. Intersecting with Whitehead Street, and walking a few blocks south, you'll pass the home Ernest Hemingway lived in during the 's. If you're watchful, you may even spot one of the many 6-toed cats living on the premises.

    Some are direct descendants of Hemingway's beloved Snowball. These three old, beautiful streets are filled with fascinating homes, charming beds and breakfasts, museums, and quaint shops. These streets channel you southeast, 15 blocks or so, from the hustle and bustle of Mallory Square Key West, to the Southernmost Point and the Southernmost House in the continental United States.

    At this point you're closer to Cuba at 90 miles, then you are to Miami at about miles. Since this is a small but very congested area loaded with so many Key West attractions and things to do, you should make sure you have a Key West map so you don't miss out on some of the better venues. Getting your map from Amazon. The free version is sketchy in terms of all the Key West things to do, and a store bought one will undoubtedly be more expensive than getting one now from Amazon. Depending on where your Florida Keys vacation takes you, you'll be able to quickly see how to get everywhere you want, not miss anything, and save some time and money in the process!

    The Different Key West Tour s. For your convenience I am an affiliate with the most popular tour companies for Key West. This allows you to book what you want, and save money in the process whether you're dealing with Trusted Tours or Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

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    This does not increase the cost to you however, as this is what being an "affiliate" means. Now regarding your Key West vacation, depending on where you start out, and where you want to go, the walking distances are not particularly trying. Key West FL weather can often be hot and humid, so if you're not up to a stroll, there are several trolleys to transport you around the area. Trolley rides let you get on and off as you please, for sightseeing along the way. You're also treated to a narrated tour while you ride.

    Nothing makes sightseeing more interesting, then an historic anecdote to bring it all into perspective. Key West Florida is full of things to see and do , on land and on sea.