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Important mo. Upright Kit 48"H Pair - Blue. Built for use in the garage, workshop, or job site, this fan has a nearly indestructible body and steel base. The features powerful airflow, moving air feet!

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This shop fan has a ball-bearing motor that never needs oiling and is specially shielded to resist dust. The is assembled in the USA and boasts a 5 year limited warranty. This energy efficient shop fan also features a 10ft grounded cord and meets OSHA safety requirements. During the hot summer months, the Vornado Heavy Duty circulator is sure to become your most valuable tool!

Reviewer: kent Date: December 12, Reviewer: Mindy Patrick Date: June 26, There are 1 questions and 1 answer for this product. We now prioritize ease of use and the warranty over oscillation and remote control. We also noted certain things that we overvalued in the past, though we still think they are nice to have:. As long as a fan is strong enough to be felt throughout a room, factors like reliability, ease of cleaning, and perceived noise are more important than wind speed and decibel-level measurements.

With that in mind, we focused our update on tests that could tell us what it was like to live with this fan.


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Over several muggy summer weeks in New York, I convinced my coworkers in our test kitchen to turn off our AC and ran a bunch of fans to see which ones made our office feel less terrible. We tested 12 contenders, including tower fans, air circulators, and desk fans. During one week, my colleague Michael Sullivan tested deep fryers, making our already hot office even hotter and permeating it with the oily fragrance of onion rings. While the fans blew, we took careful notes on how easy they were to use—if the power buttons were accessible, how easy it was to change the speeds, and how smoothly we could reposition the direction of the airflow.

We noted if any felt dangerously hot after running for eight hours straight. We stuck our fingers and a chopstick through the openings in the grille to see if the fan would be safe to have around curious children. At the end of several weeks, we attempted to give each fan a thorough cleaning, noting which ones required near-complete disassembly and which ones needed just the grille removed. And while the fans moved the air around us, we read hundreds and hundreds of customer reviews. The affordable Vornado Medium Air Circulator packs a powerful punch at a reasonable price. In our tests it moved more air than any other fan of comparable specs, creating breezes throughout the room thanks to an ingenious design that continuously circulates the air as opposed to blowing it intermittently across your face like an oscillating fan does.

Vornado designer Brian Cartwright told us that Vornado created the basic design in , basing it on a propeller that channeled air through the center of an early jet engine. The company has a helpful video explaining the engineering. By comparison, standard fans simply disperse air throughout the room, without creating continuous circulation.

This is why many of them offer oscillation as an option—anyone will feel cooler for a few moments when a fan is blowing directly on them, Cartwright said. To maximize the amount of air your circulator moves during the summer, Vornado recommends you aim it halfway up a wall on the opposite side of the room. In the winter they recommend turning your fan on low and pointing it toward the ceiling in order to evenly distribute heat throughout the room. Vornado recommends the for midsize rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchens, and offices, but we found the fan powerful enough at its highest setting to effectively cool a larger living or dining room.

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If you have an especially large living room or appreciate gusts, the larger Vornado Large Air Circulator , a former runner-up in this guide, is a better option. But we think the does a capable job in most parts of the house. Photo: Michael Hession. We found the to be relatively quiet, especially considering its superior air-moving capability.

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At its middle and lower settings, it makes a pleasant white noise that is easy to talk or watch TV over. At its highest setting, the produces a white noise that, though louder, is still unobtrusive and can be great at muffling street noise—particularly helpful if you live in a busy city. And in our tests we found that we could still watch TV with the blowing at full force—as long as it was on the opposite end of the room. The also comes backed by a five-year warranty PDF that covers any defects in material or workmanship; if those are the issue, Vornado will repair or replace your fan free of charge.

Unlike Seville, Vornado sends you a prepaid label if it needs to repair your fan, meaning repairs are actually free. The also holds up well in owner reviews, garnering a 4. Several Amazon reviewers even said that Vornado replaced their fans at no cost for issues outside of warranty, such as accidentally dropping the fan a day after buying it. Unlike any tower fan, the is also easy to maintain and clean.

There are no screws involved—simply press down on one of the grille clips, and then the grille face should pop off. Wipe the blades with a towel and some soapy water, and pop the grille back on. You can find the specific cleaning instructions PDF in the manual, but cleaning the should become second nature after a few times. In comparison, cleaning tower fans like the Seville is a much more complicated process that involves disassembling the base and removing a number of different screws and panels.

Like most room fans, the has just three speeds, which can feel limiting after using fans that allow more variable speed control.

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The Vornado DC , our upgrade pick , has a speed dial that allows for very flexible speed adjustment, and the Dyson fan, our also-great pick , has 10 speed settings. The comes in only one color: black. The does not come with a remote. But after using fans that do come with remotes for just a few weeks, we found that the remotes are remarkably easy to misplace or lose entirely. The diminutive Vornado moves enough air to keep most bedrooms and offices comfortably breezy.

The comes backed by the same five-year warranty as the , and boasts a glossy black finish like a Darth Vader helmet.

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  4. Like the , the is an air circulator, and it moves more air than its size would suggest. And because the moves air through a smaller grille 10 inches vs. Our biggest issue with the is that it is more difficult to operate than the With the , the three-speed dial is mounted on the rear of the fan body, obscured by the support arm.

    And though I became accustomed to this setup, I watched several of my nonplussed coworkers pick up the , turn it around, and examine it like a presenter on Antiques Roadshow —all just to adjust the speed. Like the Vornado , the can rotate a full 90 degrees to blow air in any direction you choose. We found that the sounded slightly better than the , though both produced noise of a similar volume. The constant hum from the had no distracting breaks, whereas the made very slight hills and valleys of whirr. This difference is almost imperceptible, but is definitely a bonus for light sleepers or the noise-sensitive.

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    If you can read this, don't touch the following text fields. Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulators.