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It took me 3 days to clean that stuff off! You remember breaking you wrist on the level at the Campbell and getting chewed out by the boss, the foreman and the safety man for breaking a safety rule. I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers that time and the station. Betty Maffeo Watson Laurlyn The Lighter Hill side:. Tracy Bishop Bethany BHS '01 Residents who have lived in Bisbee only a short time call you a newcomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going into the little store on Tombstone Canyon where the Laundromat is and buying frozen Zero candy bars in the middle of the summer. Buying barbeque chips at McClains grocery on Main St. Having recess at upper court because Horace Mann did not any flat space big enough for recess. You remember running errands to PD Store for a quarter for "Ruby" whom it was rumored used to live in a certain section of Brewery Gulch that was not exactly residential. Fourth of July in Bisbee when half of the western world came to town to celebrate! You are so proud to have grown up and even have the privilege of raising your own children in this awesome town.

Lynn and Albert Garcia When you checked to see what movies were playing at the Lyric.

You knew that the movies changed on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. When you remember that "Citation Alley" was painted along the "new" road around the pit. When you remember tourists stopping because they were afraid that ore was going to fall off the conveyor belt crossing the "new" road around the pit. When you don't find a slag dump offensive because it brings back memories of when home was a booming mining town, life was simple, and we all felt secure knowing our parents left our front doors unlocked 24 hours a day.

Thank you very much for all of these wonderful memories. Charlotte Best Hayes Class of You are thinking of the soap box races on the Fourth of July and the M's they would throw off of Castle Rock. Ol' Timers:. When Max Spillsbury kicked half of the basketball team for partying at Naco at the Monterey to often. You can tell your from bisbee when you can remember the good times at the hitching post,and the wonder bar. You mention a Lowell teacher named Bendixon sp or a Horace Mann teacher named Grey and others remember. You sneaked in to play football on the circle in front of the ice house across from Lowell School.

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It was the only patch of green grass in can remember in Lowell. You could hand walk across the gulch on a gas line that followed a foot bridge in front of your house. I think the location was called Brophey's Hill. You could sneak off and play in the old Finish theater when yoou lived in Johnson's addition. You were allowed to walk around the old Sacramento Pit on the way to Horace Mann when you lived in Jiggerville. You made drivers angry when you and your buddies Sammy Barrow for one would slide down the snow beside the High School until the pavement was clear, polished ice and impossible to drive up.

During this time, I lived 2 doors up from the High School, so I was in the gym every time the doors were open.

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I wasn't really a native of Bisbee but lived there several times. I attended school in Lowell and Horace Mann and attended part of my Freshman year but was unable to participate in sports because my parents were not with me lived with my sister, Helen Hardt. I also spent the summer before my senior there. During that time my cousin, Dohn Sims and I batched it and I worked at the grocery in Bakersville while he strung cable for tv.

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The otherside of the hill:. And though these divisions were there, we all got along just fine. One guy drove in and paid, as 3 or more of us would be hidden in the trunk. And heck with the movie, it was party time, but just hope you weren't standing on an ant hole.

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  • Not even the cops seemed to mind us partaking of our indulgences at the Vista Park. It was nice going to school with big pockets full of money! Wish I kept more of the rock though. Wonder who that was? The road going around the pit turned, and he and his motorcycle didn't. Such a loss. A note from OFF The WALL in BISBEE, This situation occurs because most of the sewer lines in Tombstone Canyon are daisy chained together and there is no even slope to the lines; as a consequence, blockage down line will produce head and back up the line when a toilet is flushed, a dish washed, or a bath taken..

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    You were treated like an adult at the age if 15 in Naco and Agua Prieta and had your very own waiter. You know your from Bisbee when going across the line meant going to Naco or Agua Prieta to party. When cruising started at the top of Tombstone Canyon and lasted until you couldn't coast any more. Remembering Miss Power in 2nd grade at Central School. She also lived across the street next to the convent.

    Ringing the school bell at Central School. That was fun. Thinking that we had the biggest school yard. Being the last class at Hoarce Mann School. Remember when Mr. Quill swatting, paddle, when we were bad.

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    The principal name Mr. Going to the lyric theater every saturday was a big event. Unitl I started to drive. Pit blast at pm. Watching the the mining trucks going down to the bottom of the pit. Dad and Mom still live in Bisbee and now when I go visit I'm a tourist in my home. For the Catholic kids, who went to St. Pats, who can forget Sister Cecilia Loretto, and her ubiquitous clicker to bring her charges to heel, and the way she would point when angry with her index and middle fingers together and he ring and little fingers together.

    That was so neat, we all tried to mimic her. She was born in Bisbee around the turn of the century, and her mom still lived in Warren in the late 50's. She actually attended St. Pats when she was growing up. When we had Civil Defense Drills, to protect ourselves from a Russian nuclear attack, she would afterwards regale us with stories of how, when she was a student there, they would have to go hide in the basement when Poncho Villa's marauders were spotted near town. Also when Sister Crispina would come by and twist your ear if you forgot your multiplication assignment in 3rd grade.

    And the dreaded Sister Catherine Michelle, who single-handedly filled the office of the only child psychologist in the county in Douglas. These were the days when there was universal agreement that Bisbee was on the 'Top 10 List' of cities the Russians intended to nuke when they attacked the US because of the copper mines, of course.