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I noticed that there was a similar question - but I still wonder if it will be okay or not given that I am still within the contract period if they will let me sign up a new contract. Didn't think you were able to click the referral link and join to be honest, as you have to click on the link on Vitality to bring up the discounted Virgin page.

You could! You join first like anyone else then approach the front desk to apply your aia discount effective next billing fornight ; Just FYI and to everyone else here.

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Well damn : Though joining full price for a fortnight just to get someone else a free week is a bit of a rough tradeoff for one party :P. My next question, if anyone happens to know the answer: if I'm an existing member of Fitness First already, would I be able to apply these AIA discounted monthly rates? I'm off contract been a member for over 10 years so far. You will then receive access to the full benefits and rewards including discounted membership fees, cashback eligibility and Vitality points each day you work out! Seems you'd be able to get the rates, but it mentions putting you on a new contract.

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That said if you've been a member for 10 years, I can't imagine you'd be wanting to leave in the next year, so that could not be an issue. I sign-up with AIA and then come to virgin with the membership number? No worries mate, it's annoying that half the info isn't on the AIA site until after you join! So basically they should be able to swap you over on to the discounted one when you provide your number, as you'll have served out any contract period.

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So if my calculation is correct:. And a bit more of a saving, or bonus, with the vouchers you get. This offer is only for the 'Active Me' membership, the flexible one, which is a bit more expensive than the one on contract. I would have never agreed to a 12 month contract! I'll have to look into this further, thanks so much! Thanks for the info, am also an existing member of fitness first but on a contract about to end.

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Would like to know if I have to wait until the contract ends, appreciate if you could answer that for me. Is it possible to do the 30 day virgin trial and then join via AIA for a discounted membership? I don't think you can waive the activation fee unless they're running a promo but YES you dont have to join AIA before you join virgin.

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I was an existing member when I found out about this deal. Very interested in this as I'm an existing Anytime member who regularly goes to the gym. Sounds like I can definitely save some money here. Can you tell me a bit about the process I clicked the join AIA vitality button and it's saying they'll refer me a financial advisor?

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Sure, no worries. I went on RAC and looked at their life insurance covers here and got a quote for all three as they all give access to AIA Vitality to work out the cheapest one. I signed up online, and around 3 days later got an email asking me to activate my AIA Vitality membership. I did that, filled in my details and from then I could log in to AIA.

Can anyone tell me how much is discounted Virgin Active Membership fees plus any joining fees on top? I may join too if there is a benefit? Does anyone know how they would 'count' how many times you've been to the gym? How do they prevent gaming the system for people that will just swipe in and walk out 2 mins later some days? Yes, I realise in the end you're just gaming your own health, but some days people may not have the time to go and still want to get the full discount. With Virgin my membership card gets scanned when I enter like normal, and then I log in a day or so later to AIA and see that my visit was captured in the system, and points allocated to me for it.

I imagine it'd be the same with the others - there's no mention of a minimum time to stay in there, and at least with Virgin I don't have to scan on the way out, so could in theoretically do what you're thinking. The full discount for gym visits maxes out at 15, points , so that's visits per year which is done with 3 visits per week.

I train times per week so there is no point going out of my way to scan my swipe card for extra visits. To get platinum status you would need to do the health checks and extras but most should get to gold status easily. I signed up in January and have kept the same life insurance cover I had with rest but through AIA it's a win win.

I was also already a member at anytime fitness and they gave me a new contract at a lower weekly rate. The boost juice vouchers are cool but they are full of sugar. Good question, and one I have no idea about! Best thing would be to call and ask RAC I'm afraid mate. I just rang RAC.

They have confirmed that both applicants will receive a different email for AIA vitality membership. Check out here, I screenshotted the prices. These prices are ok but I don't think amazing enough for me to bother buying insurance I don't need. No worries - seems like you got a really good rate for platinum. Was that just by asking? Big draw for me was that Virgin don't haggle, you pay what they ask or nothing, so AIA was the only way to cut down on fees there that I've found. You pick one as your 'home' club, which is the one you're supposed to go to most.

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I picked Bourke St in Melbourne as it was cheaper than Collins, haha. Apparently if you go to another club and never your home one they can ask you to switch to the club you actually go to, but the woman I spoke to on reception at Bourke St said that generally never happens.

Oh that's great. Thanks for the quick reply. Guess I'll pick the cheapest as well. Just remember, if you get in trouble tell them a man on the internet told you it was okay. Got the welcome e-mail, policy number etc. Maybe it will take a few hours. Just rang up RAC. The customer service rep also told me that it could take up at 72 hours before the AIA Vitality invitation email will arrive but usually comes earlier than that. Wouldn't be that much of a saving if it's RRP.

All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Go to Deal. AIA Vitality. Double checking on the site, and it seems not I'm afraid: "Your AIA Vitality membership must be active for you to enjoy the discount. It makes sense, the healthier you are the less likely it is you will claim. It might seem cynical but this focus on added benefits offers significant benefits and savings for customers that would not have been available a few years ago.

Vitality Health aims to change the way people think about health insurance by encouraging people to exercise and rewarding healthy activity.

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You can learn more about Vitality Health and compare it against other top health insurers using Activequote. Vitality also offers discounts on trainers and at sports stores, money off Polar and Garmin devices, cashback at Evans Cycles and you can earn rewards such as Starbucks and iTunes vouchers and free cinema tickets. Axa is another company that offers health insurance that comes with a gym membership discount.