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With more than a century of experience and lots of twists and turns, we can say that the company know a thing or two about what they are doing. The company was started by George Dayton who took over Good fellow Company which was being held by Reuben Simon back in George decided to rename the company as Dayton Dry Goods Company within a year and it was when the name of the company was formally changed. George took in slowly and kept on going with the same name until when he decided to rename the company as Dayton Company.

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The company is headquartered in Minneapolis. The founder died in and the business was taken over by his son Nelson and took the business further until when he left this world. The company was taken forward by his son, Donald who had a different approach towards business. The company took over Lipman's department store company in s. The operations were not merge and they took it as a separate division of the business as part of their strategy for growth. The company came up with the idea of upscale discount retailing and came up with its first Target discount store in The company named it differently as the idea was to run it separately from the department store business.

The idea was a hit and three other stores were started in a year time.

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The company went on to change its name as Dayton Corporation in Soon after two years, the name was again changed to Dayton-Hudson Corporation with J. Hudson Company coming in as a partner and sharing a place in the name of the company. The Target division proved to be the highest earning division of the corporation and kept on expanding its operations with hundreds of stores being opened nationwide. Apart from the discount store Target, the company saw an opportunity to use the success of brand name Target and introduce new variants. The success of the brand was so overwhelming that the corporation decided to change its name and to be called as Target Corporation in the year This was a smart more to bank on the already successful and growing brand name.

This was the time when the company focused itself around its brand target and by the year the corporation had stripped off all other department store chains. The strategy worked really well and resulted in increased sales and profits for the company. Target was successfully able to lift the weight of the corporation on it shoulders. As the corporation kept on growing, the idea of international operations came up naturally and the company decided to enter Canadian market in the year by acquiring stores Zellers.

However, the decision was a disaster as the company kept on facing many problems including supply chain and the company had to close down all the stores by the mid of Drive-Up Service.

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The service is a unique one which enables the customers to order the items online and be able to pick those items from outside of the stores. This completely bypasses the hassle of parking the car and then going in to the store to pick your items. It rater facilitates the customer to just arrive at the store and be able to leave right away with the products purchased online. This allows the Target team member to have ample time to pack the items and being it outside the store at the designated parking slot.

The customers do not have to wait for the team member and can leave almost instantly with their purchased goods. The service has been a hit as the customers are delighted with the time and energy it saves. The company has always been innovative with its services along with its exceptionally low prices and quality products. The company with its registries allow the customers to celebrate various occasions and important event with their near and dear ones.

This is also a good way to let them know about your preferences and likes. The registries are very easy to make and you can customize and edit them anytime you want.

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Be it a registry for marriage or college farewell or you may want a registry for any other event, you can create one with just a few clicks at the website. Benefits of Target REDcard.

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  8. The customer just need to apply for Target credit card or debit card and once approved, the customer can avail the following benefits:. Can the promotions and discounts be stacked for extra savings? Of course this could be done at Target. The main purpose is to excite the customer with top quality products and service combined with unmatched saving opportunities.

    This is exactly what the company does and takes pride in. The company allows its customers to combine multiple money-saving options. The customer can make a combo of saving with a coupon code combined with clearance reductions and REDcard holder discounts and promotions. These combos can also be attached with free gift card offers too. This makes it a saving opportunity like no other. Price matching at its best. The company is confident about its offering and this is the reason why price matching guarantee is provided for purchases of item from Target for qualifying similar items within 14 days of purchase.

    The customer need to provide proof of similar item being sold at any other retailer for less and the price will be matched instantly.

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    This gives immense confidence to customers to trust the prices of company to be on the lowers side every time they go for shopping at Target. Does the company have any Trade-in program? Yes, the company is offering a Trade-in program that allows you to trade in old electronics like phones, gadgets, games, consoles and other electronic items for a Target Gift Card. The gift card can then be used for the ideal low-priced replacement.

    The customer need to fill up the online quote for the items to be traded and then send the items through mail using the prepaid shipping label provided by the company and receive Target Gift Card. Does Target offer free shipping?

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    A big yes to free shipping from Target. REDCard holders also receive free standard shipping for purchases done with their Target credit or debit cards. How much time do we have to return or exchange or purchases? The company wants ultimate satisfaction of its customers and hence allows 90 days for returns or exchanges. The company wants to make sure that the customer is facilitated in all circumstances whether it is the fault of the company or if it is just that the customer changed his mind.

    In any case, the company wants to take care of your wishes. Do we have to pay for the return shipping? The company is always at its toes to do the best for its customers and why to leave returns for that matter. The company does not charge any shipping fees for returns by mail or returns in store. The customer can simply contact the company for returns or exchange and the company will take care of the rest. The website of the company, www.

    The website is actually a huge platform for thousands of products and services and encompasses all the e-commerce initiatives of the company. The website did not start as it looks like today. The company has come a long way in its e-commerce side in the past few years. The company started off its e-commerce effort in the year with target. In order to be able to perform with increased efficiency, the company decided to go into a partnership with Amazon. These services were agreed on fixed fees and variable fee structure was also applied in certain cases.

    The company decided to change the domain name from target. This was a great step to directly use the brand name for its website. The company went on with the same arrangement with Amazon but in the year , the company realized the benefits of managing its own platform for its website and announced the same publically. The company had the resources to hire the best vendors to build a state of the art platform for their humongous product offering and the re-platforming vendors include IBM, Oracle, Sapient, Autonomy, Sterling Commerce,Endeca, Huge and others.

    The process was long but with top vendors in hand, the company was able to launch its own platform in August, Since then, the company have been able to manage millions of customers on its website on a monthly basis.