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Note: YorkU has been fighting this law for a few years now, and it's tied up in court.

However, you are in the legal right to not pay their tickets, unless you are a student - because they will withhold your transcript. Yes this is true. I go to York and it is a big issue here. They figure they would rather get something than nothing. It's a shame as the parking tickets are littered on the ground a lot. Though you still risk getting your ass towed.

Good to know though.

NYC parking ticket rented car

I have heard that Toronto gets a few hundred thousand court dates booked but only has the resources for like 20,, I too have several booked and have never heard a thing. I know the article is from , but I am verifying it. I've gotten tickets and asked for court date and never heard about them again. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You put the emphasis on the wrong word there.

Continue this thread. How does a house owner give parking tickets? How does that work? You cannot avoid tickets in Toronto. Its impossible. That's useful to know.


Which bylaw is that? You know this article is from right? More posts from the toronto community.

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May 27, Cake Day. So I'm waiting again. Let's see.

New Parking Violation Dispute Process

We have three cars, and the driveway only allows two cars so we parked on the grass on our front yard.. So first, i didnt park on blvd.

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Second i wasnt aware that parking in my front yard is a violation. Is this worth fighting for? I didn't move my car that day from my underground parking. I filed a dispute online and extended.. Its been a week since I disputed and it still says "Screening Scheduled".. How long does this take?

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And how common is mistyping license plates.. When I try to look it up using my license nothing shows up. What can I do about that? If I want disclosure of the evidence they have, is that possible and how can I go about requesting it?