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As one walked the streets up and down along the river, the many small shops were a gallery of countless "noren", these hanging curtains used in doorways. I understand that many homes rented out space for shops and displays. I guess you could tell how popular the exhibit was by counting the shoes in front of the step. A few of those in my group were wishing by the end that they had worn shoes a bit easier to step in and out of. Though shops hang out noren to let customers know they are open, ordinary homes use these too to partition rooms where they can pass easily without doors Here is another very decorative noren in another style There were exhibits of work and demonstrations of the various techniques used to decorate cloth.

There were even places where, for a price, one could try their hand at decorating the cloth in one manner or another. This exhibition had items for sale and lovely examples hanging on the walls. This hanging of a lotus plant had an explanation in English, saying: "The Lotus symbolizes the past, present, and future. The past is the seed, The present is the flower, and the future is the bud.

The dragonfly is considered a valiant creature on the side of victory. It was nice to be able to read the additional information. This dyed piece with a young boy riding a carp was charming and colorful in itself but the English explanation may have been informative to those who are not familiar with symbols of "Boy's Day".

Before leaving at the end of the day, I paid a visit with two other group members to the Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall, where we enjoyed viewing the beautiful Japanese home and gardens of this famous writer and her painter husband. Note the noren hanging just beyond the door to the garden gate. This house also hosted an exhibit of shibori dyed cloth. I particularly liked this indigo-dyed kimono. We studied this pattern for quite some time trying to figure out how it had been done so perfectly. The garden was large and peaceful with flowers beginning to celebrate the coming spring.

I told an elderly volunteer who was guiding people through the villa that I thought even I could become a writer, or perhaps a poet sitting in this beautiful place and looking at the wonderful garden. He grabbed my shoulders and said, "Come here with me", and led me to a spot He had me bend down to the level of the table, saying this is the room where Hayashi-san wrote her books As we made out way back through town to the train station ,,, more colorful dyes fabric hung along the river.

These look to have been done by students of some school and one had children's hand prints along the strip in an assortment of bright colors along with the name of the school. Teruteru bozu A figure that is hung in the hope that the weather the following day will be fair.

Often if the wish comes true, a face might be painted on the figure. Yes, Saturday the weather was also fair. I don't know if they reeled in those figures and hung new ones or not But Today It was lucky for our group that we picked the best time for our visit and I could see all these interesting things right on my door step. My 1 daughter has asked for a Christmas tree skirt as a birthday present. It is a good thing it won't be needed until December rolls around because there was no way to finish up by the middle of February.

I dug out my box of Christmas fabrics and though I have quite a few, there was not enough variety to place them all side-by-side. I have made several tablecloths for my round dining room table using this pattern but decided to turn it into a star by adding blue diamonds.

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As I was appliqueing the large snowflake, I thought it might be fun to have other family members contribute to the project by cutting and sending me their own versions of flakes. These three flakes were cut by Leia. They were cut from pastel origami paper and after I had them traced and cut out on the white fabric, I began to think they might have been interesting if added in those colors.

At any rate, this is progress and I still have a few months to go. I have also developed a great respect for all those who create Molas. The thin lines were actually just long cuts in the paper and even with a tiny needle turn, a challenge to sew. Now I await more contributions from family members. It was four years ago I was standing on our low wall along the street filling the window cafe bird feeder with sunflower seeds.

Nikko and I had just returned from shopping and she was waiting at the gate. Suddenly the metal shutters began to rattle. That seemed strange because there was no wind blowing. I could hear rattling throughout the neighborhood and Nikko was beginning to panic. By the time I reached the gate, it was clear we were having an earthquake. I could hear things crashing to the floor in the house and we hurried out into open space to avoid falling walls and such things. The power lines were dancing and it was hard to keep standing.

Along with another neighbor, we waited until the shaking subsided, then I returned home to survey the damage. Lots of fallen vases and flower pots A bit of breakage of nick-knacks. My favorite lucky cat was not so lucky. In fact, the cat collection that lives on the step-tansu with my plants ended up the worst Paul had gone to town and took a long roundabout route to return.

Tokyo did not fare so badly compared to Tohoku, though walking through town there are still walls that haven't been repaired. The wall north of our entry has a gap where the blocks were once joined.

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We had pleas from kids in the states encouraging us to get out of Tokyo but 4 daughter and her daughter were due to arrive that weekend for a visit This week the newspapers are full of reports of what has been done toward recovery and all that is yet to be done. From time to time there is an after-shock but the spacing has become longer and longer. Last year a small group from our church choir took part in a dedication ceremony for a church in Tohoku that we helped support.

I was also fortunate to be able to teach a quilting class to women in the temporary housing The Scout troop has also taken part is several service projects. Still,there is a lot needing to be done for those still displaced and in "temporary" housing. Though it usually opens by the last day of February, it has taken a bit longer, like her sister's plum. I might think they are slowing down in their later years, but probably the new house across the lane, blocking out the afternoon sun, has something to do with the timing.

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With only two small flowers opened though, the air is full of perfume for passers-by to enjoy. Happy belated birthday, Norie! Back on track? In more ways than one. Last night my Cub Scout Pack held our Pinewood derby. If you wonder what that is, each Cub gets a kit containing a block of wood, four wheels, and four nails. We also give kits to leaders, parents, and siblings who would like to participate.

The object is to change that block of wood into a car that will race to find the fastest.

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In order to assist those who have no tools or knowledge of turning a block into a car, we hold a few "rough-cut" days. Kids can come with their drawings and we can help them with the basic cuts and supply saws and files and wood tools for them to use.

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If the dads want to get involved, make their own car and race me. Last night this Red-Eyed Tree Frog followed me home. Can you see the smile on his face? He is upholding my reputation that my cars are the ones to beat.

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I really seem to be running out of new ideas, I have made so many cars over the years. As we were cleaning up after our second rough-cut day. I was drawing a complete blank! Oh my, time was getting short and I hadn't even come up with an idea. As I was thinking, I happened to shove my hand into my pocket and it closed around a small stone I had brought home from the Women's Conference a week earlier.

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The stone had a story to tell because the speaker had asked me if I could get her some stones. Well, I had a bucket of small stones at home so I picked out about thirty, washed them and dried them and put them in bag which I delivered to her a few weeks before the conference. As a result, she said those were just what she had in mind, and could I give her about that many more. Well, two bags later, she was ready for the conference and I had figured out only that she wanted at least a choice of rocks for each person attending.

Sure enough, on the evening of the opening meeting, she set out two baskets of rocks and had each person go up and chose one. Walking up I was thinking I just got rid of these. Oh well, I should play along with the game What I noticed was one small smooth rock. Most of them were black volcanic rock but the one that caught my eye had little white freckles and fit perfectly in my fist. When I returned to my seat and turned the rock over in my hand, there were two eyes a beak and a wing, a small owl looking back at me. I had washed and dried those rocks before donating them and never seen that owl.

Well, why not? I googled some frog images and found the pretty one to use. So, that is the story. My friends who are familiar with my owl stories will not be surprised. My quilting is also back on track as another snowflake has arrived from my daughter in Boston It will be fun to add that pretty pattern to the tree skirt. In the evening was a dinner with award presentations and the like. Even though I excused myself before everything was over, it was way past my bedtime by the time I returned home.

Luckily, just before the day, another snowflake arrived, this one from daughter, Marie, in Boston.