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I must of ordered at least 60 different items from Zalando lounge over the last couple of yrs and i really havent had any issues. Its by far my favourite shopping site as the deals are just so good! Great products. Great prices. Great concept. But why on earth would you co-op with Postnord? They have a 0,4 rating on this very site. I repeat, less than one out of ten. And for excellent reason. Literally every other company DHL, Finnish postal service etc. So all in all, Postnord is the worst thing after the world wars and so are ZL for choosing to work with them.

My friend had ordered a watch that was supposed to be a present for her bother's birthday and after two months there is no sign of it. We live in Denmark so we have contacted PostNord about the parcel to find out that it is not in their system, whereas Zalando says that PostNord should definitely know where it is. Very disappointed that Zalando points with the finger at the other and do not take responsibility for their mistakes.

It was quite rude to ask the customer check the parcel on their own with PostNord when the fault is Zalando's for not having things done correctly. I hope we can get a refund, but we have lost our faith in this company. Moreover, Zalando has blocked my friend's first e-mail or they are just ignoring her messages.

Zalando, let's get the refund done as soon as possible. Even I can't wait longer because you have already destroyed a birthday party. I placed an order 7 weeks ago and didn't receive the goods by the expected delivery date. After several phone calls and much frustration I decided to ask for a refund only to be told that this was not possible at the time because of some 'technical issues'.

This company is a complete joke and judging by many of the other reviews on this thread should be subject to criminal investigations by the relevant authorities. Does anyone know if there are any class proceedings or watchdog complaints against these crooks? A shop I have used quite frequently and check on an almost daily basis. Often have clothing and deals I haven't seen anywhere else.

After several deliveries I have never had any problems with deliveries arriving and I have also never had any problems with refunds either. I get they want to allow everyone to have a chance and not have eBay sellers buying them to resell for profit but sometimes a real gem comes up and I have to chance a size and it doesn't fit and then the deals have expired and I can't get it in the right size anymore.

Let’s face it, error pages will never go out of style.

The worst was a jacket I had to wait about 3 weeks for. Usually the items arrive in reasonable time though. This review seems to have been removed so I am reposting it. They have lost a star due to repeatedly being slow to dispatch items that are in their possession. Ordered a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Got a small wallet!! I still need the rest of my money!

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How difficult Can it be? Miserable customer service! What a complete Joke this company is!

We ordered 2 winter jackets in November for the cold winter months The customers service staff are unwilling to help and don't know anything. The worst part is nobody has even bothered to let us know! They have not offered a solution let alone an apology for messing us around. I will not be using them again! I would warn against anyone using this company!

The website now says the products were sent out last week, nothing arrived. Rang customer services if you can call it that again today to be told that they had no idea where it was and i would have to wait I'll give it another month shall I? Seriously this service is so disappointing. If you do order anything I would be prepared to wait. Buying from Zalando is like gambling. I wouldn't use Zalando again if it was giving it away!

Lost my return even though I've provided them with a photo of their OWN return system card. Now say I have to fill in forms to say I'm not lying I don't own a printer and wait 14 days. I will never use this dreadful company again. Placed an order on their website but on paying via PayPal, Zalando's website said the payment had not been completed. Zalando have no record of my order, it does not show up on My Account and I have received no email notification or an order number.

Zalando won't cancel my order as they say it was never placed I am currently liaising with PayPal to try and get my money back. Do not use this company, they are not to be trusted. But all has been resolved. - die besten Online Shops & Gutscheincodes der Schweiz

However, I still wouldn't recommend or use the site again after the issue. I have waited over a month now to be refunded for a pair of child's trainers which I returned and they acknowledged receipt of Ithe has happened 4 times now.. I'm so angry and frustrated. I will never shop with them again I don't have anything negative to say about this firm.

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I have ordered clothes, jewelry, watches, dishes, ornaments.. Everything has went excellent even the one time I had to make a return, they answered immediately in 15min to my email and the refund was at my bank account in 2 days. Of course the delivery takes it time, but it's definitely worth it by the deals I've made. I hope their customer service reads this because they are one reason I love to shop at Zalando Lounge, always so friendly and professional no matter what the subject is. I have no problem with the long delivery times, because that's what I have informed about from day one via the website.

Welche Zahlungsmethoden kann ich nutzen, um meine Bestellung bei Zalando Lounge zu bezahlen? Ich bin mit meinem Artikel nicht zufrieden und will diesen reklamieren: Wie kann ich das machen? Zalando in a box.

We offer a great assortment, having more than 1, brands — ranging from popular high street brands to exclusive designer trends. Zalando und die Zalando Lounge funktionieren wie zwei unterschiedliche Firmen.

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Entdecken Sie direkt die hochwertige Markenkleidung und bestellen Sie mit einem gratis Zalando Lounge. Alle Hilfethemen. Zahlung per Rechnung. Wo ist mein Paket? Wie reklamiere ich? Zur Newsletteranmeldung. Geschenkgutschein kaufen. Zalando and the Zalando Lounge work like two different companies. Therefore, you must cancel both separately from each other, if you want to delete your account.