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Pension drawdown is also known as income drawdown, and two types of pension drawdown are flexi-access drawdown and capped drawdown. Drawdown has become the most popular way to access your pension. Our FREE guide tells you everything you need to know. First, your pension needs to be with a provider that offers drawdown. Drawdown is offered by a number of different providers — you can shop around and choose the one you prefer.

Our SIPP gives you a range of options to flexibly access your pension. Find out more about consolidating your pension pots into a SIPP. Transferring a pension from an existing scheme may not always work to your benefit and if in doubt you should consult a suitably qualified financial adviser.

Next, decide how much of your pension you want to move into drawdown. A lot will depend on how much income you need at different times in the future and what other income sources you have. Whether you need access to cash or how much you need will often determine how much of your fund you put into drawdown.

When making any decisions about your SIPP, you should always be wary of pension fraud.

Income from your SIPP can be paid on a regular basis — monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually — or as one-off amounts. Income can be varied at any time and the cash needs to be available in your SIPP to pay the income to you.

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Your pension will be paid into your nominated bank account and you will be sent a payslip in the post. See our charges and rates for details of the charges we make for drawdown. It can be a good idea, first of all, to shop around to find the right drawdown provider for you. If you haven't taken income from your pension fund before, you can get more information by reading our guide to accessing your pension and drawdown guides.

When you're ready to go ahead and access your pension, you'll need to log in to your account online and select 'Access my pension' from the 'My account' menu. Once the tax free lump sum has been taken, income from the drawdown fund is taxed as income tax.

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It is added to any income you have from other sources in the tax year for calculating the rate and amount of tax to be paid. If you withdraw too much income you may find that you have been pushed into a higher income bracket and end up paying tax at higher rates. There are no platform fees. It works like this: 0. Zurich's Retirement Account charges a percentage fee in tiers. Plan your finances. Use our pension calculators to build a financial picture for your retirement.

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Pension tax relief calculator Pension tax calculator Income drawdown calculator. Try Which? Our best-selling monthly delivered to your door, unlimited phone access to our money experts, and more. Continue reading.

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How to invest in pension drawdown. All 4 articles in guide. In Tax. Income tax on your pension. Tax on pensions Married couple's allowance Age-related tax allowance. All 3 guides. What is the state pension? Find out what the state pension is, how you qualify and watch real people's experiences claiming the state pension. Equity release. What is equity release? Lifetime mortgages Home reversion.

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All 4 guides. Transferring comes with risk and you may need advice for which you'll be charged. Capital at risk. Before you start using your pension, you need to consider if taking your money flexibly is the right option for you both now and in the future.

He took drawdown on his pension to use his tax-free cash to help pay for some of the costs. He kept the rest in his pension fund, so he had the option to take more whenever he needed and still had the option to buy an annuity later 1.

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Drawdown suited her because she could take money whenever she needed to, continue paying in and keep her money invested. Plus, she could manage her funds easily through our online investment service without needing to be an expert 1. This government service offers free and impartial guidance on your retirement options, either over the phone or face to face. You can see more and compare your options here. Use some or all of your pension to buy an annuity that pays you a regular and guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

Want a guaranteed income for life and flexible access to money when you need it? You can combine the different pension options to suit your needs. One option is to take all of your pension in one go. Approaching 55 but don't want to take your pension straight away? Find out what happens to your money when you leave it where it is and withdraw it later on. Find out about the different types of pension and how they can help you enjoy a happy and secure retirement.

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